Rebound Dogs and My New Life- Day One

Rebound Dogs and My New Life

Day One

By Carly G.

A pattern I’ve had since first my heart-wrenching breakup at 16 is to start dating again way too soon after swearing never to love again. And to eat too much. Today, that cycle stops. I’m 42 years old and have been slightly overweight all my life. And slightly overweight would be GREAT but I’m a bit more than that. I want to tie my shoes without hitting a shelf of what I can’t honestly still call my baby weight from my fifteen-year-old daughter (from my first failed marriage), Ivy.

I just had a break up (hard to say who started it but I ended it) and it’s too soon to write about it publicly less it SOUND! LIKE! AN! ATTACK! And honestly, I think I’m losing my passion for this idea of love. It’s starting to not even bother me. I’m becoming too efficient at breaking up with men who lie, change dramatically once we get serious, exhibit mental illness they hid at the onset…  I used to cling to unhealthy men and dysfunctional relationships for years, no matter what they did. Those blogs I’ll save for another day.  Now it’s more “been there, done that, here’s your hat, what’s your hurry.”

I run when I hear, “I can change; you’re overreacting” or one of my  all time favorites “If I’d told you that at the beginning you never would have dated me.” Nice.

So with this recent breakup which will hurt later once my anger dissipates—when I look back and remember all the good stuff and lament, over hot-from-the-oven brownies, what could have been if only if—that I might try a new tact. I’m going to get a Rebound Dog.

Forget the siren calls of and e-harmony (met the craziest guy ever with their guidance) with their free sign up weekends and their “just about everyone you know met on OUR site!” claims. I am going to stay away from dating until my sophomore is in college. At least that’s my plan.

I’m going to work hard at my fulfilling yet unremarkable day job, raise my daughter, get a dog who will love me unconditionally and will not go insane. And if he does, I can at least demand a refund. That is not the case, if you were wondering, with the dating sites. I tried. They e-laughed at me.

And I’m going to lose weight. Not to slim up for a man, or to look all snazzy in a slinky cocktail dress or even so I can shop in the regular woman section and not the “big girl” area. It’s for me.  And for Ivy because who can look up to a mother who has a muffin top at her waistband? And for my new dog.

So today is Day One of my new life. I hope you follow my quest to find a Rebound Dog, to lose weight, to find inner happiness.

6 thoughts on “Rebound Dogs and My New Life- Day One

  1. Only you can make yourself happy… This is what I always tell myself when someone disappoints me… And I think Rebound Dogs is a good idea to get you to love yourself back… Only dogs could love you more than you love yourself…

  2. This is positively fabulous and so very true as well! I decided a long time ago that I was not going to change for a man, only for myself. If a man likes me, he will appreciate all the qualities I bring to the table, including a big butt and some thighs. I have had some of the worst dates known to mankind and now I have a guy driving from Texas to meet me for the very first time. I am like Carrie in Sex and the City without the sex. LOL I do not like dogs anymore, however I could settle with a tiny dog that snuggles when i move out of where I am currently living now. I have tried plenty of fish, chemistry, and evow. No success, just many friendships. This blog is fabulous!

  3. Thanks Meg. I hope it works out for you. I’m a tad bit jaded right now and plan to reflect on everything like crazy before I jump into the Man pool again. Self acceptance is the first step though. Second step, question everything, lol! Good luck on your first meeting with the Texan.

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